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Jenny Maier


We were given the task to take different pictures in varities of perspectives. This make the photos appear as if filters had been used.

Radio programme "Mental Health"

The second grade of the HLE of the HBLW Saalfelden has gotten the task of preparing a radio programme of their choice. Listening to a small cut out of our radio programme, "Mental health".

Mangaka Vision

In our company we provide courses for young artists that want to improve their works and make it into the big art carrier. Furthermore we sell handdrawn Mangas and present them online in our App "Mangaka Vision".

About me

My name is Jenny Maier, I am a student from the school and college of management and service industry that is located in Saalfelden. I attended this school in the year 2019 in September.

I choose the branch Communications and Media Design specifically out of my interest for design and creation. My dream job would be working as a international Mangaka, where I would create my storylines into Mangas. In my freetime as well as sometimes in classes I like to improve my art skills, and on vacactions, my photography skills. My favourite theme I like to take pictures of is the nature, so any type of animal I find in the environment as well as sometimes flowers.


For christmas the second classes had to follow the task of taking inspirational photos, those would later on be photoshoped and printed out.

As we still however had online classes because of Corona, there was a little change in the theme, usually our photos were supposed to look very christmas a like, but due to the circumstances we were allowed to choose any type of photo from our gallary. As the photos were printed out and glued to the chocolates, we took our final product photo with them.

Storyline "Dream"

They are called “death planets”, one’s creation formed by imagination, holding deep mysteries within them, as to why such a planet that’s night and days have long since passed, its gates are now closed for any unfamiliar souls. Their creator that has bloomed new living onto this world is now controlled by a mind that wants to turn its beauty to ash, the darkness that surrounds the star’s surface shall devour those who dare to step foot on it.

So its destiny is written black on white, the sparks of hope are very small as to its soul locked away in a cage can’t be liberated without the key. One controlled by the mind, brainwashed into believing what is wrong is right.
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